Happy National Chocolate Day!

As an ode to one of our favorite foods here at M Bird Studio (no really, we have chocolate brownies on hand at ALL times), we’re gonna share with you some of our favorite chocolatey treats! Each of our stylists has selected a delicious snack for you to try with a link to a recipe. Here’s what they chose:

JEN – Chocolate-filled Beignets


YUM! This chocolate-filled french doughnut is Jen’s all time favorite, and we don’t blame her! You can try it for yourself too, you’ll find the recipe right here.


SARAH – Nutella with a Spoon

Nutella-on-SpoonWell…..this one is self explanatory! Sarah likes to keep it simple with a good ole spoon dipped in Nutella. It’s a classic that everyone can undoubtedly enjoy. Since you can buy Nutella at any local supermarket, we found a recipe for Nutella that you can make at home! Try it here.


LUPE – Chocolate Cheesecake with an Oreo Crust 


Does this dessert even need an explanation? We don’t think so. This chocolate cheesecake is also made with Nutella, but is way different than Nutella from the jar. You can make it as a cake, or cute little squares! Either way, you’ll love it. You can find the recipe here.


JILL – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

mychocolatetherapy_chocolatechip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches

Yes, it sounds crazy, you may have never heard of it, and it may be a mouthful to say and eat, but these ice cream sandwiches are amazing (duh)! They are relatively simple to make, and fun to eat. For chocolate lovers, it’s the perfect fix. For cookie dough lovers, it’s the holy grail. Find the recipe here.

And there you have it, folks! Our list of delectable chocolate treats. Perfect for everyone, and any occasion. In our professional opinions, we suggest you try them all.

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Getting to know you

Meet stylist Lupe! We are so lucky to have Lupe here at the studio. She is so passionate about her work and seriously the nicest person~ when not holding a round brush or shears, you will often see her with a vanilla latte in hand, ready with a witty story to brighten your day!


Signature beverage:
Vanilla latte

Style icon:
Eva Mendes

Dream vacation:

Song you will always sing out loud in the car:
John Legend’s “All of Me”

Favorite accessory:
Currently loving my coral and gold statement necklace!

Favorite part of being a stylist:
My favorite part about being a stylist is making people feel beautiful! It gives me great joy to hear my clients get compliments on their hair. My clients feel confident when their hair is beautiful!


Lupe’s hours: Tuesdays-Thursdays 2-9, Fridays 10-6 and Saturdays 9-5

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Artist in Residence – Stephanie Takemoto

Calling all art lovers! We are proud to announce that local artist Stephanie Takemoto will have works on view at the salon all this month and through the end of August.


Citing influence from an artful childhood with exposure to Japanese pop culture and art nouveau, Takemoto is known for her strong female characters.


Stop by the salon and take a look! Learn more about the artist here and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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Getting to know you

In our first installment of Getting To Know You, meet our color specialist Sarah!


Latest Netflix binge:
The Following

Childhood celebrity crush:
Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Coffee- Iced or Hot?
Iced and obsessed with the New School of Cooking Cafe’s Nitro!

Style icon:
Brigitte Bardot

Favorite road trip destination:

Favorite part of being a color specialist:
I love everything about color! Being from the beach, I am drawn to blonde. Every summer, I watched as the sun naturally lightened my own hair as well as all my friends. Being able to recreate something so beautiful and natural is my favorite part of doing color.


Sarah’s hours: Tuesdays-Thursdays 2-9, Fridays 10-6 and Saturdays 9-5

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Color Care 101

You just colored your hair and it looks fabulous! Now what?

We’ve got your top tips on how to keep that salon-fresh shade for as long as we both shall live~ okay so maybe not that long but at least until your next appointment!


• Stop! Don’t wash all that precious color (and money!) down the drain.
Number one mistake we’ve all made is washing hair too often after coloring. You’ve heard it before but you don’t need to wash your hair everyday.

• Dry shampoo will be your new BFF.
We love this one by Davines! It’s a dry cleansing mist that will zap any oils, neutralize odor and give you that extra oomph of volume.

• Now when you do suds up, use a stylist prescribed shampoo & conditioner.
Your stylist may also recommend a color depositing conditioner to boost your color and prevent fading. And because we love anything that is eco-friendly, we must point out that the Davines Essentials line is biodegradable. Save the whales! (More to come on being a sustainable salon in a future post!)

• Protect from sunny rays!
Just as you’d shield your face with daily SPF, your hair needs some love if you plan on being outdoors. Use a light, leave-in-conditioner to protect and hydrate your hair all day.


And most importantly, this is not the time for DIY!
To avoid disasters that will lead to a color correction, see your stylist regularly and let us do the work for you! Remember, we are highly trained professionals and we thrive in beautifying our awesome clients.

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We’re back darlings!

Yes, it’s been a hot minute since our last post.

So what has been going on since we last dished? For starters, we are another year older and wiser as we celebrated our 4th anniversary on Monday June 1st!


As usual, we’ve been staying quite busy beautifying the masses and having so much fun while we’re at it. We are also excited to share in upcoming posts, more about everything from essential hair tips to what’s happening around here in our fantastic neighborhood.

Stay tuned and in touch via Instagram, Facebook, or just stop by and say hello!

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As if we weren’t obsessed enough…

…with Davines!  Recently, artistic director Angelo Seminara introduced his newest collection for Davines, using the A New Colour, ammonia free Pure Pigments.  We are having a serious pastel crush on this hair:4bb85e5233dd40b264846b496a26047bAs always, Seminara has outdone himself, and we are in love!  Let us know what you think.


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Burn, Baby, Burn!

We’ve passed our Terrible Twos!  On June 1st we turned three years old!  Cause for celebration?  Definitely.  Since we dream of glitter practically every night, we chose what we felt was an appropriate theme: Disco Inferno!   So hustle on over with your playboy bunnies, ’cause we’ll being dancing the night away (YMCA anyone?) in our platforms and go-go shorts.


Join us for our Third Anniversary Party
Saturday, June 21st @ 8:30 pm
8710 Washington Blvd
Break out your velvet bell bottoms,
bring your friends,
and get ready to BOOGIE!

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Blowouts galore!

Struggling to tame your tresses?
The Birds have got your back!

file_20140527173638 copy

Blown away!

Join us for a hands-on blowdry class!
Friday July 25th
at 6pm

You’ll have the chance to try pro tools as our experienced stylists guide you through various tips and techniques for a smooth blowout.  The class format will allow for demonstration, hands-on practice, and plenty of time for questions. Enjoy light refreshments and a laid-back atmosphere as you perfect your styling skills!
$100 per person includes class instruction, styling brush, and clips.
Contact us at (310) 838-0230 or info@mbirdstudio.com
for reservations and information

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Just a canine livin’ the dream….

Getting Personal with Einstein McFly.
an interview by J. Ben, a dog lover


Many of you know Einstein. For those who don’t,  perhaps you’ve seen him on the recent back cover of Bark Magazine. He’s a do-it-all kind of dog: vivacious, nervous, motivated and full of character. Below, things get real as our roving reporter talks with Einstein McFly about grooming, IQ, and what it’s like to be LA’s next canine superstar.

Einstein and I meet over a jar of peanut butter.  It’s mid-morning at The Dolphin (his affectionate nickname for the break room at M. Bird Studio.  His schedule is so demanding that he couldn’t get away for a proper lunch meeting.  As Einstein and I chat, I quickly realize why people are so attracted to him.  His soft, shiny coat is the perfect blend of contrasting blacks and browns.  And then there’s those paws – cute little socks that give him a daintiness unusual in a dog his size.  It’s not all about his looks though! He’s got a naturally gentle demeanor and soulful eyes that make you go gooey inside.


Photo courtesy of Shine Pet Photos

JBen- The first and most important question: who does your hair?
I get groomed at Healthy Spot in Weho and I use the Davines Calming Shampoo and Momo conditioner at home.

JB-  You seem wise beyond your years, Einstein. How old are you?
EM- I just turned 35 years this past Christmas…Older than both my parents, if you can believe that.

JB- So you are adopted then?
EM- Well… It’s not something we talk about in our family and my parents will deny it but I have my suspicions.  Besides I don’t look anything like my brother and sister!

JB- Where did you get the name Einstein?
EM- Well, when I was a puppy I wasn’t very smart, but I knew one day I would be.

JB- Are you smart now?
EM- I think so! They say Border Collies understand several hundred words and the smartest one ever (named Chaser) knew 1022 words. I think I’m smart but I don’t like to show off.

JB- Did you know at a young age that you would have such a demanding job?
EM- It’s in my blood. Border Collies and German Shepards are working breeds so I knew I would be a hard worker.

JB- How do you cope with such a busy schedule?
EM-  I keep a fresh Paleo diet that my parents cook for me, plus I get tons of exercise, and lots of sleep.

JB-What is your favorite thing to do?
EM- Play “find the treat”.  I think it’s a ploy to keep us distracted while our parents sneak out of the house but I won’t tell the little ones.

JB- How many days a week do you work?
EM-  2 days, Wednesday and Saturday.

JB- Tell me something you are most embarrassed about.
EM- I pee like a girl.

JB- Who taught you to be such a good boy?
EM- My sister, Bird.  She was dumb but got lots of treats, so I like to think she was good.

JB- Is it true that one time you pooped on Bird?
EM- Yea but I don’t like to talk about it.

JB- Can you remember clients at work that you’ve met before?
EM- Of course! It’s my job to remember them!

JB- Have you ever had a girlfriend?
EM- No way!!!!  Girls smell funny.

JB- How many toys do you have?
EM- Not too many, I think. Maybe 50.

JB- Your recent ad campaign for Bark Magazine is for shelter pets. Do you know what that is?
EM-  I see the commercials with sad music, the animals that don’t have homes. I just want to do my part to help raise awareness.

JB- What is something no one else knows about you?
EM- I can read minds.

There you have it ladies and gents.  Keep your eyes peeled and your tails wagging as we wait for what is sure to be a meteoric rise to stardom for this young, handsome, and always lovable ball of fur. 

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